EU Green Deal Data Space

OGC is contributing to the Data Week Leipzig to reflect on current geospatial technologies and practices. With several topics, the main focus will be daily shifting from European data spaces and green deal (Monday), Urban planning (Tuesday) and semantic interoperability (Wednesday). Additionally, there are two days of the academic track with an emphasis on Artificial intelligence.

It will particularly focus on the current capabilities and roles of local, regional, and national organizations and their evolving needs and challenges. The objective of the dataweek, with presentations, public discussions and workshops will be to identify requirements, priorities, and gaps for serving communities in the context of green deal sustainable development, including the challenges of disaster and climate circumstances.

There will be an opportunity to engage executive and director-level decision-makers and policymakers. It will go beyond green deal sustainable development to include innovations and strategies that produce actionable solutions and lead to improved interoperability across stakeholders, science domains, industry, and government.

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