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Opening Ceremony

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Welcome words by the organizing institutions

  • Clemens Schülke (Stadt Leipzig/Dezernat Wirtschaft, Arbeit und Digitales) : Grußwort
  • Dr. Michael Martin (Institut für Angewandte Informatik e.V.) und Dr. Nils Hempelmann (OGC) : Eröffnung durch das Organisationsteam der Data Week“
  • Dr. Jens Lehmann (AGIL Leipzig GmbH) : Enterprise Europe Network
  • David Manske : Energy Efficiency Monitor


Initiativen für Europas Green Deal

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Chair: Dr. Nils Hempelmann (OGC)

Overviews and insights into initiatives and projects related to the Green Deal data spaces

  • Joan Maso : All Data for Green Deal
  • Mark Dietrich (EGI) - GREAT Project
  • Dr. Quentin Groom : B-Cubed, Biodiveristy DataCubes
  • Heimo Rainer (NHM-WIEN) - Bringing the Power of ML and Remote Sensing Data to a Wider Audience: General overview of FAIRiCUBE
  • Lucía Sánchez González -Urban Data Space for Green Deal


Keynotes: Green Deal and Data Space

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Chair: Dr. Nils Hempelmann (OGC)

Several european startegies and Acts are established to better expoit the massive amount of data and enhace the availabillity of information and knowledge. Three high level key-notes will give insights and details.

  • Jordi Escriu (Europäische Kommission) : European policy developments around the Green Deal data space
  • Dr. Néstor Fernández (idiv) : European strategies for biodiversity protection
  • Dr. Ingo Simonis (OGC) : Technical concepts, options and challenges to achieve Green Deal


Geospatially Enabled Ecosystem for Europe (GEOE3)

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Chair: Dr. Nils Hempelmann (OGC)

GeoE3 is a project co-financed by the Connecting Europe Facility of the European Union that will provide the vital connection between existing and emerging National, Regional and Cross-Border digital services.

  • Dr. Antti Jakobsson (Nationale Landvermessung) : Geospatially enabled ecosystem for Europe (GEOE3)
  • Dr. Lassi Lehto : DEMO: GEOE3 Portal


Podiums Discussion Smart Services für den Green Deal

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Chair: Dr. Nils Hempelmann (OGC)

The panel will discuss the options, challenges and limits of digital applications to move toward a sustainable Europe.

  • Dr. Beate Ginzel (City of Leipzig/Digital City Department)
  • Dr. Néstor Fernández (German Centre for Integrative Biodiversity Research (iDiv))
  • Dr. Antti Jakobsson (Chief Engineer at Maanmittauslaitos)
  • Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Helge Löbler (Leipzig University)
  • Jordi ESCRIU (Scientific Project Officer - European Commission Joint Research Centre - Digital Economy Unit (T.01)

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